The best solution for secure negotiations and storage of personal data.
QPHONE was created on the platform of a specially designed mobile phone, which allowed to eliminate all the technical vulnerabilities. The special electronic chips were safely removed, that can potentially allow third parties to hack the device and gain access to personal data, wiretap conversations and track geographic location.

wiretapping Protection

With QPHONE, user can discuss any business matter that requires extra privacy. To protect against wiretapping over voice and video communications, certain encryption protocols are used: SSL / TLS / ZRTP / SRTP AT; encryption range 512 - 4096.

Hardware Protection

No registration or license of any kind required to use the device. Your data is only saved on your phone. There is no way to access data stored on the motherboard, also there is no Bluetooth, SD card, USB port for PC, Mac or Linux. If you lose your device, your personal data will remain protected.

Geolocation Protection

Using QPHONE, user determines the area for making secure calls yourself. GPS module was removed and the SIM card module was isolated. User can use your own GSM / CDMA equipment, as well as Hot-Spot devices or satellite Wi-Fi. Online services will not be able to track the location of the user's device.

Currently, QPHONE is provided within the corporate program and upon approval of the application by the security department.